What can I do with a Bachelors in English?

This is one of the questions we especially „like“ to read/hear from you. (Attention: Sarcasm)

You can do a Master’s degree and you will probably be able to speak English fluently. (probably, not completely sure about that).

Sarcasm Mode Off:

You can do a whole lot of things, if you are clever and get some other qualifications as well. Some people teach, others do something completely different. It is up to you to make something out of your degree. We can‘t tell you what to become later on.


What can I do with a Masters in English?

You can study to get your Phd. (although we do not advise you to do that). Once again, see post above and do not ask obnoxious questions like this one. You can do a whole lot if you set your mind to it.


Is the Placement Test hard to pass?

If you are prepared, it is definitely not. We would advise you to take a look at the „Placement Test Handapparat“ in the library (Heinrichstr. 26, 2nd floor) and to maybe buy yourself the FCE (First Cambridge Certificate) book. The test is a multiple choice test and not rocket science. The level of your English should be B2 which is Matura level. Good Luck!


I have failed the Placement Test. Does that mean I am not intelligent enough to study English?

No. If you failed the test, do not worry. You probably did not prepare properly or you just were unlucky or just had a bad exam day. Try again and study more. You do not lose one semester as you can still do your „gebundene Wahlfächer“ and your free electives (=freie Wahlfächer“) and there is a list of all classes you can take which can be found on the Anglistik Homepage.


How do I prepare for the first Linguistics Fachprüfung?

You can buy a script at the secretary‘s and we would advise you to take a good look at Yule „Study of Language“ and your study material from „Introduction to English Linguistics“ and „Language in Use“.


How do I prepare for the first Literary Studies Fachprüfung?

Take a look at your study materials from the Literary Studies classes (in terms of terminology especially) and compose your material yourself. Do not forget to borrow or buy the books your are required to read (!!). Do not just take a look at Sparknotes.com.  You can choose if you want to specialise in British or American Books.


How do I write my thesis?

Take a look at the following document for infos about your thesis. Step-by-step Guide

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