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Language Awareness 1 = Language Systems
Pronunciation (2-stündig) = Pronunciation + Advanced
(Advanced Pronunciation still exists though – so take that if you have already taken the regular pronunciation class)
Language Productive and Receptive Skills = LPS
Introduction to Communicative Language Teaching = IFLD
Teaching for Competence Across the Language Skills = FD PS 1
Topics in Applied Linguistics + Topics in Theoretical Linguistics = Linguistics PS
Development of English = Forms of English Past and Present
Survey of Anglophone Literatures (Focus Britain) = Survey of English Literary History
Survey of Anglophone Literatures (Focus America) = Survey of American Literary History
Topics in Anglophone Literary Studies = Literary Studies PS
Topics in British Cultural Studies = British Culture PS
Topics in American Cultural Studies = American Culture PS

You want to know what this site actually is about? Well, we are also not quite sure since we try to cover a lot of points. Let us just tell you what you can find here.

This site contains not just information of all the people who are in the Studienvertretung or help them to keep things going smoothly, it also provides some (as we think rather funny and helpful) answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to our Studienvertreter_innen.

If those questions didn’t cover any of the points you would like to know about, then don’t hesitate to visit us, just take a look at the timetable and drop by. If not any of those times would be perfect for you, don’t despair; just send us a Mail and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

However, life is not just about studying. Some distractions can be found in our calendar and if you don’t even have time for them than at least you should check out the articels which will be posted on the Homepage from time to time. They will not just include information about university life, we will also try to entertain you a bit. If you want to stay in touch with what is going on and always be informed immediately then join our mailing list. So be prepared for everything. 🙂


So enjoy our new page and make sure to visit us often!